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Tumbler & Tipsy

Tumbler and Tipsy is a brand of clothing and accessories founded by Michael Kuluva. Kuluva graduated from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with a degree in fashion design in 2012. (source: Wikipedia)

Anchored by the creative mind and brilliant talents of professional figure skater and fashion designer, Michael Kuluva of Tumbler and Tipsy is not only reworking, redefining and revamping the world of fashion, but is taking it over by storm one sequin at a time. This sexy yet stylish brand, which is produced in Los Angeles, CA, is a colorful collection that is distinctive but never repetitive, chic and classy while being comfortable and versatile. Tumbler and Tipsy is not just a line of clothing, its a collection of art, its an embodiment of chic fashion in the modern world, and its a representation of a lifestyle: fun, bold, luxurious and daring.

Developing these personal connections has led Michael to unique collaborations with different artists and companies from around the world. With Michael Kuluva's many accomplishisments, Michael has made a professional and respectable name for himself in todays global fashion industry. Collaborations include Ubisoft's Just Dance 4, Monster Headphones, Inglot Cosmetics, Conair Corporation, Jelly Belly, Pop Rocks, Creaky Joints, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Out of the Closet, Angelyne, K-Way, Rollasole, Swarovski, Ellie Shoes, Harman Kardon and Caviar Eyewear.” (source: http://tumblerandtipsy.net)"

Special Collaboration Piece. Art Director: Michael Kuluva

Special Collaboration Piece. Art Director: Michael Kuluva

Michael and I have been high school friends. I was happy when I discovered him pursuing in the path of fashion design. Finally, I thought, someone cares about fashion in LA, whose from LA, and who also grew up in Los Angeles city. Lost Angel city, people laugh sometimes. Lost, but quite not lost yet…

“Can you put Crystals?”

Okay Mikey… Only cuz You asked… ;))