“THRASHER” - H23.5”xD6”xW4.5” // Epoxy resin, Trash (plastic bottles, food wrappers, containers, plastic bags, CDs, paint materials, production waste* **)

*(waste created during Charles Osawa’s production)

**(Production waste contains broken silicon molds and resin wastes)



We’ve made towers to express ourselves, just to show our marvel. It is perhaps in our genes. Higher and higher, we aim and desire.

Is it wrong to irk to get higher?

Is it a sin to aim a bit higher?

We must see it all together, all the layers. It’s perhaps in our sins, of what we’ve done together. Higher and higher, is what we’ve desired.

Is it wrong that we have desired?

Is it a sin to want to be higher.



Sculpture named by Ward Stegerhoek