#003 PRICE ADJUSTMENT - 2017/7/30

Prices are being adjusted. 

Site is still under "soft-launch". All my shit, there aint no weight yet. No size too. It will be done soon. 

Im adjusting the price of most of my sculptures, because it needs to be cheap. It's hard to price things but my friend and couple more peeps told me the same thing that's on the internet. It's (amount of hours/ labour) * (wage depending how awesome you are) + x(material cost) + (investment + production cost)/y = dude ... chill... . 

"Hanako - Trash Sculpture" size small. 

"Hanako - Trash Sculpture" size small. 

I think $125 (one-two-five) sounds good. 

It's better than $200. $200 is an investment. $125 is like "oh shit i bought too much toys this month" type-of-feel. I thought of $150 (one-fifty) but USA don't use $50 bill like Singapore does. It's virtually non-existent. But S$150 is like US$125 so I guess things works out somehow. 

So you throw trash outta' ur home, but you're gonna pay to keep it in ur home. 

Charles Osawa