#002 PRODUCTION BEGINS - 2017/07/29

I'm posting my standardized sculptures on product page ;)

Standardized trash sculpture is one form of how trash sculpture will be tailored by Charles Osawa (#me). All trash are salvaged and granulated by Charles. I took a great amount of time standardizing to shorten my production time. That's right. I spent a lot of time to shorten time. 

Today is a world of complicated hypocrisy and contradictions. All my production hopes to somehow reflect and relate to that. A whole mess of mess, I suppose. 


CHARLES OSAWA "Trash Sculpture - Hanako" Size Small

CHARLES OSAWA "Trash Sculpture - Hanako" Size Small

It's all household trash, for now. 

I work at home, because I can't really afford a studio. I bang a lot making noise sometimes, and mix toxic chemicals (resin). Please support my growing need of stuff like food and water by purchasing my trash. I put a bit too much effort in this. 

CHARLES OSAWA "Trash Sculpture - Shaun" Size Small

CHARLES OSAWA "Trash Sculpture - Shaun" Size Small

Why standardize? I'm a fan of Warhol. 

I like the process of mass production. I can make as many as possible within the shortest amount of time, and it will somewhat look all the same if you're machine enough. I'm a human doing machine job, dumping trash into a mold and solidifying it to sell. What do you call this? Oxymoron? Contradictory? Or... simply moron. 

"Oh my god, is that a candy wrapper?"

Yes it is. 

Charles Osawa